Discreet, Professional, & Private Investigations
in Bayport, NY

When you don't know where to turn, count on Island Wide Investigations, LLC. Our owner has developed a reputation for excellent private investigation in Bayport, NY. Depend on him to seek the truth in a wide variety of circumstances, from custody battles to insurance fraud. Call or email us to speak with an investigator. Please note that some of our services require a retainer.

Private Surveillance in Bayport, NY


Rely on us to provide discreet and confidential surveillance and GPS tracking for insurance cases, unfaithful spouses, job-related cases, as well as other criminal and civil matters. For example, if someone has filed for workers' compensation or has sued a store after being injured on their premises, we can follow the person to make sure that they're telling the truth.

Corporate Investigations

It's important to trust the people who work for you. If you suspect an employee of theft or side jobs, we can follow them to find out what they're up to. Additionally, we can provide professional background checks of your employees to give you peace of mind.

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody battles and infidelity are often part of the same conversation. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity or improper care of your child, trust us to get to the truth of the situation. For example, if one parent is supposed to be caring for the child, our private investigator will follow them and document their activities. Any information that is gained is confidential and only given to the attorney or person who hired us. 


Keep your event or property safe and under control. We provide both armed and unarmed event security, depending on your requirements, for private events and parties. Our unarmed services are ideal for underage parties where someone needs to keep an eye out for youth safety, alcohol consumption, and misbehavior. We even have alcohol screening devices.  Our armed services are meant for more upscale events or dignitary protection . Our security professionals are non-uniformed and can be dressed in either business casual or business attire to blend in with your guests.


Criminal Investigation

Defense lawyers frequently come to us to look at information about their client's arrest. We then find any witnesses and speak with them regarding what actually happened during the alleged crime. Our investigator has 15 years of detective experience working in a court.

Cell Phone Ownership & Data Recovery

Is your child or spouse receiving unwanted calls? Maybe he or she is talking to someone inappropriate on their phone. Whether you just need the owner information on someone who keeps calling or you need deleted data recovered from your cell phone, we are here to help.

Background Checks in Bayport, NY